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The Balance

When we dream, where do we go? 

Olivia Merton has only ever known Earth after the shift. For fifteen years there has been no sunshine, little rain…and resources are scarce.

A recurring dream provides an escape from her troubled monochrome life and leads her to a vividly coloured landscape, populated by four distinctive societies.

This world is Verntropa.  

Her attempts to describe her dream-memories are met with distrust and she fears for her grasp on reality – until she discovers that Earth is in danger and a mission on Verntropa awaits her if she is to fulfil her destiny.

Does Olivia have the prophesied power needed to strengthen the balance between her two worlds, or will it, and she, be damaged beyond repair?

As Olivia’s fate unfolds, she is thrown into a fast-paced adventure where she discovers the meaning of trust and true friendship.  One thing is certain – her life will never be the same again.

I am LOVING this #YAFantasy. read! It is really something I needed right now that's a lot lighter reading than I normally do and has a great feel to it. Ollie is a 15 year old girl that lives on Earth where climate change has basically destroyed the planet and everything is brown and grey. But she has these vivid dreams of a very colorful place and no one wants to hear about it.Juxtapose all of that with the world of Verntropa that's filled with these amazing colorful and furry creatures of all types that host humans in their world during the human sleep state. It's a fantastic story plot and was very enjoyable to read. I had a hard time putting this one down because there was so much to learn about every character, character and location. If you need some YA Fantasy in your life, I'd Highly recommend picking this one up! 


Okay, we have all been pulled in by a beautiful cover to be left deflated and flat. Thankfully E.L. Clarke is not an author to let her readers down. With amazing world building and characters that you genuinely like. I think the target audience will struggle to put it down. The different between Earth and Verntropa are stark and obvious. I’ve never thought our Earth has a stark place to live and sometimes struggle to see it as such. Yet Clarke has made me a believer, with her shorter fast paced chapters many readers may fear that they become confused and lose part of the story fluidity. That’s not the case, this is a lovely fantasy book that The younger range of the target will love. I’m intrigued to see where EL Clarke takes Olivia next in her next adventure. 
I have purchased this book for the children I work with to go in the bookshelves for them to share. 


This was something a little different for me and also the first fantasy novel I have read but when I saw the cover I was drawn in immediately.
I loved the writing style in this book and although I thought I was fast paced, it was easy to keep up which left me wanting to read more and more! 
I will definitely be looking out for part 2 as this was a gripping read!


First of all, just take a look at the cover, it captured my attention straight away and perfectly introduces the world of Verntropa.  This is a really well written story, I found the world, its creatures and landscape rich and well developed and all the big world building questions were answered. I enjoyed the warmth of the characters and the unique personalities of each race. The action takes a while to build so for me its a slow paced book. But once you hit the half way mark things really kick off! I’m excited to see what’s next for Verntropa and Olivia. 


It took me a little bit to get into this book as I felt that the build up to the main part of the story but this may have been me being impatient. 
I really loved many of the characters and the development behind them. 
The book has themes of fantasy and sci-fi but not too heavy, making it a lovely easy read. 
The book is set on Verntropa which is a vibrant colourful world and Earth which is a grey, colourless world from the effects of climate change. I found the chapters easy to follow and not too long which made me want to read more. 
Great book and I can’t wait to read the next.


This book is a wonderful mix of sci-fi and fantasy. Set between the dream world of Verntropa, a vibrant, wonderful and colourful world and Earth, which is grey and colourless due the impacts of climate change. 
Now this isn’t my usual go to genre which I think that’s possibly why I took a little bit longer to get in to it. However, once I got to the main part of the story I found it really hard to put down! I was so drawn into the story line and the development of characters. I loved it!
I found aspects of the book itself such as the writing style of @elclarkeauthorand the shorter chapter lengths contributed to this book being such a beautiful read. 


I absolutely love the cover for this book. It is what lured me into wanting to review this in the first place. I’ll be honest, at first I got very easily confused with the story with it switching between Earth and Verntropa very swiftly but once I got the hang of it, the story was great. Very well told and the concept and idea behind the story is very original, I can’t say I’ve read much like this in the past so was a very nice change of reads for me. 


This is a YA sci-fi/fantasy novel, so not my usual genre of choice at all, but the cover just pulled me in. Isn’t it beautiful? Olivia (I’m assuming it’s Olivia, who is the main character) looks like she’s flying or floating. Mostly she looks free and I love that. 
This is a really well written story. It moves quickly but the reader isn’t left behind. I found it really gripping - hard to put down. I really liked how Olivia was depicted. E.L. Clarke has done a great job.


Verntropa by @elclarkeauthor is a book that is ideal for those who love gentle fantasy/sci-fi settings. It explores where we go in our dreams and how the two places are linked. The cover is eye-catching and colourful, which is great for the target audience which is young adults. It features the title character Olivia, asleep, heading to the hexagonal city of Verntropa. A simple cover, but it gives the reader all the information needed to understand the setting and the base of the plot.The pacing of this story was good and about a third of the way in, the story builds and interest is peaked and held on until the end. The main plot of the book simply jumps back and forth between Verntropa and Earth. This is achieved by having each chapter set in a different world. Which also aided to form a clear distinction between, “awake” and “asleep”, making it an easy read. The actual setting of Verntropa is one described as full of life, colour and activity. This is why I was left a little disappointed that it wasn’t explored in more depth, especially with such a large page count. It wasn’t just the setting that suffers from this, but also the characters, a few of the main cast lacked description, leaving a lot up to the imagination (not always a bad thing). I just hope that the follow-up titles will delve more into the different societies and lifeforms of this new setting. Overall there was also a lot to like about the title, which was full of political intrigue, spying and a big mystery that was fifteen years in the making. The area in which it fell short, was the actual world-building. This series has a lot of potential and has made me want to see what will happen next. I really would love to see themed books for each of the societies and some more time spent fleshing out the new world. But I am excited to see and read what E L Clarke writes next.


I really enjoyed this book despite my first impression! It took a little while to get into the main story which I didn’t mind too much in the end. Once the ball was rolling boy did things progress fast!
Really loved the world building of Verntropa & the almost post-apocalyptic style of Earth. The characters in both worlds were really interesting & although Olivia sometimes comes across as quite juvenile it’s to be expected for a 15 year old taking on the fate of two worlds!
I’m definitely looking forward to next adventure from E.L. Clarke!


I’m absolutely loving the world building here! The world of Verntropa itself is so vibrant, clear, and the rules of the land are easy to follow. It’s a total parallel to how Earth is depicted here. This is set in a time when Earth is suffering the irreversible effects of climate change - the sky is always grey, there is no colour in the sky, grass, oceans - everything is dull and have been wiped away. No wonder then why our Protagonist is obsessed with Verntropa. So far, I’m finding the chapters inside Verntropa a bit confusing, and things are moving super fast, but am loving Olivia’s chapters where we see her in her home environment. What caught my attention of this book is obviously the cover - I mean look at it! 


Sometimes it felt a little rushed which led to some mild confusion on my part. I feel there could of been some character development and at times Olivia felt a lot younger then she was. Other than that the story was amibitious, unqiue, interesting a enjoyable all the same. Anyone interested in other worlds, fantasy and dream should give this a go.


For 15 years Olivia Merton only knew earth to be colourless, with little sunshine. The world she knew lacked resources and technology. However, a reoccurring dream of a vividly colourful landscape changed all that. This dream was actually a distant world called Verntropa. This world is made up of four distinctive societies and from the beginning of this novel we see hints of a powerful prophecy connecting Olivia to this new land.
 On earth Olivia is an outcast, often bullied and put down by her family and school friends. But to the people of Verntropa she holds the key needed to strengthen the balance between the two worlds.
Overall, I found this debut novel an easy-read with short chapters. I enjoyed the main character’s journey throughout the book but would have liked it if some of the other main characters had been described a bit more. I wonder whether the next story will develop these characters more. I would recommend this book to children and teenagers 12+ 


If you’ve been watching my page you’ll know I tend to stay away from sci-fi as I just don’t get on very well with science. However, I am pleasantly surprised at how much I love this book! 
It has the perfect mix of fantasy and scifi, so much so that you aren’t bogged down with too many long science terms but could still appreciate the scifi aspects of the book🤣
I am obsessed with E.L.Clarke’s writing style and how fast she makes this book flow. I find I struggle with fantasy because they can be so hard to get into, but I’ve been addicted from the prologue and am flying through it! 
We follow Olivia, who is on a quest to save Earth after discovering a society in Verntropa has plans to destroy it. I haven’t quite finished this book yet and I have a few theories about what truths are going to unfold! 
Anyways, I guess what I’m trying to say here is never dismiss a genre just because you don’t like the sound of it, you may just be pleasantly surprised and actually like it.


Firstly, the cover is simply stunning. So vibrant and colourful, I was drawn to the book without having any knowledge of its contents. Is there a competition for best book cover? Perhaps there should be.
It would appear, on this occasion, you certainly can judge a book by its cover. I loved Verntropa! A beautifully written mixture of fantasy and sci-fi, the story is split between two different worlds. Verntropa, a vibrant, colourful world, and Earth, which is grey and colourless because of the impact of climate change.
The environment and scenery was beautifully described and made it much easier to visualise everything for a richer read. The characters were deep and credible, and I liked Olivia; a strong female lead, experiencing the world of Verntropa in stark contrast to the fading Earth, while wrestling with the ever present self doubt. It’s this lack of confidence that makes her even more relatable. Without Olivia’s strength I think the story wouldn’t be anywhere near as compelling as it is.
Overall, I loved this book and happily recommend it to any reader of fantasy books. I gave Verntropa five stars.


‘Verntropa’ follows Olivia Merton, who by day inhabits a drab, inhospitable Earth, ravaged by climate change. Resources are scarce, there’s very little rain and the much needed sun is non-existant. However, by night Olivia dreams of Verntropa, a vivid technicolour world that breathes life into her, in stark contrast to Earth. As the story unfolds and Olivia delves deeper into her dream world she finds herself entangled in an adventure to save both the realms she exists in. We’re propelled along with her as she discovers what true strength, trust and friendship is.The first thing that really struck me about this story was the detailed and intricately layered world building. This was a landscape that was truly made real between the pages. Although, the excitement took a little while to get going, once we were there it was breathtaking. Olivia was a likable heroine although incredibly naïve in parts….but this is a middle grade YA novel and she is only 15! Once I got this firmly in my head it read perfectly.


This was a super cute YA read. I absolutely adored the themes and issues felt with in this book. The idea of a need to escape to a better place, even in our dreams, is something I'm sure we are all familiar with!
I loved following Olivia on her journey. The description was vivid and exciting and the characters were well thought out.  This is definitely a lovely read for young readers! Simple easy language with a well defined and formed world. I've now put it on the night time reading list for me and my son!


Wow! This book was full of surprises and shocking element. It went in slow but what happened going ahead covered it all and more so. I am glad to have applied to read this book. This made me turning the pages and sometimes E. L. Clarke hits with stuff making me pause and grasp what is happening. 
The author has created a beautiful story, a beautiful world here. Verntropa is a world far away from earth, a world you can visit in your dreams. I absolutely loved how well the story flowed, how it was linked to Earth, giving us beautiful descriptions with detailing. 
Olivia takes us with her through the dreams she gets of Verntropa. Is there something more, is there a danger is for her to find and fight through. This book was intriguing with mystery, twists and turns. The characters, plot, world building was so well written and nicely done. Rykie touched my heart the most. As a supporting character he played his part beautifully. It did hurt me the way he was treated. 
This is perfect for fans of Sci-Fi mixed with Fantasy. I'm looking forward to reading more by the author. 


I really liked how vivid the world was in this book. Everything was so colorful and vibrant! The only thing I had an issue with was picturing the different societies. I mostly pictured them in a sense of video game characters or anime characters that I had seen in the past. That’s what ended up working for me. 
I also loved the sense of mystery that this book had. I really like both sci-fi and mystery so combining those was such a fun read. This book was very compelling and I often found myself reading it in chunks because I just couldn’t stop reading! 


This is a great fantasy book aimed at the ages 11-18.
Great story line that took me a while to get into it, great characters too. 
Love the last remaining earth aspect of the story, I always get eerie vibes reading those type of books.
The cover is just absolutely stunning, very fitting for the story line.


It did take a little while for my head/mind to work out what was happening on keep on track with it but once I'd managed that , it was very easy to flow through the book , I find that Sci-fi , dystopia fantasy book do take a little longer for my brain to process it all . The way that the author has done the book put my head at peace and I was able to follow the storyline easily. The world that she had created really is a thing of beauty , as you are reading it you paint the picture in your mind. 
The characters featured in the book are very easy to like , making it that bit harder to put down! I would definitely recommend this book to more young adult aged readers , I think they will love it. 


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